Strip Tension

Crane Weighers

Wire Rope Testing Devices

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Strip Tension

Based on basic designs tried and tested in practice Dr. Brandt GmbH develops optimized system solutions for the safe measurement of strip and web tension in your production lines and equipment. 



Testing of Ropes

Ropes in safety-critical areas (such as, for example, track cables and traction ropes of cable cars and lifts, anchoring ropes for excavators, hangars, cranes, masts, bridge catenary cables or hoisting ropes) as well as wire rope reinforced ... 




Weighing technology and special measuring or weighing projects have been one of the core areas of Dr. Brandt GmbH since the earliest beginnings ...



The Art of Measuring

in the Metal Industry

Dr. Brandt GmbH has always been a forerunner in the development of innovative force measuring systems. As the inventor of the load cell, we have been continuously pioneering this field ever since our company was founded. Based on the sensors developed by us, we offer numerous measuring systems.

We know: Our measurement technology forms the basis for safe and trouble-free process control. Consequently, we are fully aware of our professional responsibility in the development and production of precise measuring systems which convince by their long service life.

The portfolio of Dr. Brandt GmbH comprises numerous products with the focus laid on the accurate measurement of tensile force, compression force, shear force and torque in a wide variety of processes. For this purpose, innovative force and pressure sensors are used as transducers and load cells. Via real-time control, the data thus obtained are directly employed for process improvement. Our measuring systems can also be retrofitted in existing plants and equipment.